Business and VIP flights

Business and VIP flights are appreciated by the customers who want to save time, enjoy the comfort, value safety, privacy and prestige.   

To enjoy that high class standards we have in our offer jet planes or turboprop engine aircrafts that can take abroad from 4 to 15 passengers. Thanks to the vast contacts with many airline operators we have an access to administrate thousands airplanes in Europe and in other places in the world.
We only collaborate with the licensed airline operators that have the required Air Operator’s Certificate (issued by the Air Transport Department in their country).

Crowded airports, standing in long queues to check-ins and security controls also lack of direct flights and transfers to catch another plane have made the ordinary travelling by air tiring and time consuming.
Choosing to rent the business jet allow you to plan your departure times and the itinerary. That also gives you another benefit like saving time at the airports. When you arrive at the airport, shortly before your departure, you will go through the standard procedures quickly and confidently at the General Aviation Terminals or VIP Terminals. On board you will be served by professional and courteous staff. The business jets’ interior is the high quality design. The seats are covered with leather and have the feature to be unfolded /folded to make your flight more comfortable. Many of the jets are equipped with the satellite phone, DVD systems and Air Show. The superb menu served on board is prepared accordingly to your individual preferences. Time on board flies quickly. You may get ready to your business meetings, or enjoy watching a film, listen to the music or read your favourite magazines. When you get to your destination you feel well rested and relaxed.

If you need more information on business and VIP flights please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to show you our offer in details.

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