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Business and<br /> VIP flights

Business and
VIP flights

Business and VIP flights are designed for companies as well as individuals who value time savings, safety, comfort, discretion and prestige.

When you choose to travel by private aircraft, you decide the schedule and itinerary. As our guest you arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before your scheduled departure. All check-in procedures are fast and efficient in exclusive VIP terminals, with friendly and professional staff who will assist you from the moment you arrive at the airport. You will be welcomed on board by a professional and friendly crew.

In this segment, we have both the latest jet and turboprop aircraft of the highest class. Our VIP fleet is able to accommodate from 4 to about 15 passengers.

Passenger charter<br /> for groups

Passenger charter
for groups

This type of service is primarily aimed at companies, corporations, travel agencies, event agencies, PR agencies, sports clubs and fan associations. Such charters are ideal for trips to conferences, trade shows, projects and contracts, employee training, incentive trips for your clients or sports and cultural events.

When you choose a passenger charter service, you are the one who determines the schedule and itinerary of your trip and chooses the type of aircraft suitable for your needs from the offers we will prepare for you. We will take care of the rest.

We offer both jet and turboprop aircraft from various regions of Europe and other continents capable of carrying up to more than 500 passengers.

Helicopter charter

Helicopter charter

This service is designed for both companies and individuals wishing to reach their destination quickly, conveniently and safely where there are no airports with runways that can accommodate airplanes.

Our helicopters can land at any location you designate, provided, of course, that the landing site meets all criteria for safe and legal landing of helicopter. You can also enjoy the beautiful views during your trip thanks to the low altitude of the flight. We guarantee a fast, comfortable, safe eventful journey, landing as close as possible to your destination, saving your valuable time.

We offer both single-engine and twin-engine helicopters that can take from 2 to about 6 passengers on board.